Wednesday, March 01, 2006

>> DIGITAL >> TU GRAZ, 2001-04

laser cut: physical model of brno south area

digital model Brno South, CZ

Graduated TU Graz 2004, Faculty of architecture TU Graz, Prof.Ernst Hubeli
Development of Brno South locality; what should be done between old city and new railway station?
The outstanding problem of Brno South has caused that a big part from central city has a character of neglectful and deserted periphery. In the territory new railway station has been designed. Diploma thesis solves the interspace between old city and new railway station. The project is many times not clearly specified and remains opened thanks to different coding for different perception by target group of people. The Brno South structure is indefinite and neutral, so that it can be easy reconfigurated for future wishes. So the structure can be always attractiv for people. Incoming formation of main floor will be foremost exactly determinated by contractor and thereby self - organized.


location: Otscher Graben in Alpen, Austria
field of study: Landscape Design, Computing
method: free modeling
name: honzig

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