Friday, August 29, 2008

exhibition, HARTMANN + RICO, for

bathroom, private client, babice, cz
type: roofextension, building permission, time of realisation: 08/2009, client: private

type: cheese shop, architectural study, time of realisation: 2008/09, location: valaske mezerici, client: private

type: flat study, interior study, time: 2008, location: prag, client: private
type: exhibition stage, architectural study time: realisation 2008, tender for HARTMANN+RICO, client: FTMC (

type: bathroom, time of realisation: 2008, location: babice nad svitavou, client: private
type: private housing, time of realisation: 2008/09, location: bilovice n.svitavou, client:kocandovi

type: housing, architectural study, time: 2008, location: rajhradice, client: private

type: housing, 3d modeling, time: 2008, client: private

Thursday, August 28, 2008

type: housing extension, architectural study, location: rajhradice,CZ time: 2008, client: private